Mining exploitation in the Americas. Towards the criminalisation of the defense of socio-environmental rights?

1. Socio-environmental impacts of mining exploitation in Guatemala and in Quebec.

2. Resistance and social mobilisation.

3. Intimidation, threats, attacks, murders of socio-environmental rights defenders.

4. Criminalisation, judiciarisation, defamation, mistreatment of defenders

  • Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) against rights defenders by mining companies.

5. Canadian foreign policy and international cooperation policy facilitating private investments to the detriment of human rights and a genuine development.

  • Voluntarism and corporate social responsibility (CSR) versus corporate accountability.
  • Weakening of the State versus democratic governance and state accountable to its to citizens.
  • Cut-backs from the Canadian International Development Agency to silence opponents to Canadian mining investments.
  • NGO partnerships and mining companies financed by the CIDA.
  • Commercial and free-trade agreements.
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